List selection for the WTC

Talking a bit about how my Lists came to pass

Faction Selection

Well, faction Selection was rather easy, my first Pick will always be Menoth, but given the current State of the two Menithe Armys, those where more or less out at a glance (not saying Menoth Armys are extremely below the curve, or unplayable, but with my limited experience, i did not want to start with an weaker army) so the new Winter Korps would have been my second pick, yet, we already had a Team Member bringing them, those guys where out of the question as well.
Leaving me with my good old Orgoth as the go to faction.

List Sketches and collecting Ideas

First i did some research, what the view on Orgoth is, globally, no use in sticking to your local Meta, when you are going to face competition from around the world.

What i could gather was, Ranged is one thing Orgoth do well, another is dragging models via Skewer, so i decided to lean into those two for my Lists. So next thing would be casters.

I start with my Ideas for the Skewer / Drag list, given the list does want to get enemy models (pref. the strongest ones) close, and doing so ASAP, i would need to pick an Caster, which is hard to assassinate. You know, for when i drag something into my line, and i somehow, fail to eliminate it, i do not want my target to assassinate my caster in turn.
Leaving me with Horusk, the Thousand Wrath’s, given he is a) the most durable Caster for Orgoth, he b) comes with thunderbolt to help me with positioning the enemy’s models and c) his Feat can help with surviving if a drag goes wrong, or when lines finally clash.

For Jacks, the pick is kinda easy as well, Tyrant Chassis, it can take a harpoon, for Skewer, which is my main plan, support it with an Hunter cortex, to ignore concealment and cover for ranged attacks (Harpoon) and the good old Ripper, with critical shred. C shred beeing especially interesting, thanks to a lot (for war machine) of re roll Options in this List.

Obviously, war witch coven are in, for either Empower, to hand out focus to my jacks, and, nearly as important, deathly power, to reduce armor within 2″

Vulkar Forge Masters are another support piece, i just wanted in my list, lets be honest, every single ability of those guys is handy for my plan.
Although Shield guard on demand is my primary reason, given how „cuddled up“ my list wants to be.

Given that Infantry is never a bad choice, i obviously took Assault Reavers, i mean, you know… Skewer and all right?
Beside, those units can bring Reaver standards, which come with „cursed“ handing out a happy -1 to AM within 5″.
Meaning, in total, i can put up an easy -3 ARM for enemy models i dragged into my line, beside, Assault Reavers are on 40mm bases, so they can drag even light jacks.

The two Reaver commanders are in, to hand out re rolls for the Reavers, and give me at least one Weapon Master (hey, i am a final interdiction Guy, i am used to everybody, AND their pets having Weapon Master)

So far, i have most pieces in place:
Multiple ways to drag targets up to 50mm base size into my lines? Check
Re rolls to even out variance? Check
Armor reduction for dragged in targets? Check

So what is missing?
I felt like i should bring a way, to drag 80mm around, and guess what? That is why the Orgoth have the Siege Tarask!
I bring only one, as i think that should be suffice.
From what i gathered, the most 80mm people will bring is dual Bisons in winter guard. So one should be enough.

This leaves me quite a bunch of points to spent, so what to take?
First thing was one Jackal light jack, with unimportant weapons for my game Plan, and Arc node as Cortex.
What for? Given i am pretty sure, most opponents, will focus on Avoiding my ton of harpoons, having a model they most likely ignore until it is to late (Arc Node for Thunder strike) seemed like a good idea. and if the opponent takes him out early? So what? Its a cheap jack, working as Plan C, not much lost.

Now, there are still Points left to fill, and i feel like bringing something which can clear out units quite reliable, and doubles as distraction, i decided for Magnus and Invictus. Asking the Question:
Do you want to focus on bringing the big bad down, and risk to get into harpoon range?
Or do you want to fight my main Force, avoid Harpoons as good as possible, and let Invictus reign freely?

This left me with 3 spare points, and what do you do in MK4 if you have 3 points spare w Orgoth?
Yep, that is right, Eillish Garrity, the dark traitor.
The most boring 3 points you can ever spend.
Do not get me wrong, boring in this case is good! This guy is 3 points, for basically another re roll per Turn.
He really does nothing exciting at all, no super high Damage, no surprise Gotcha moves, no fancy bells or whistles.
Just a straight „One Re roll per Turn please. Sure, that’s 3 points then!“ Deal.

Will this tactic work?
I would say yes, it is simple, move forward, drag things, kill them, one by one, and simple is good for tactics.
It can play the scenario, given it has everything i ever need to score, and even ways to keep things safe.
It asks some questions (see Invictus) and it will burn some clock because it WILL punish positional mistakes extremely hard.
Skewer has interestingly enough, no limit on how often something can be moved with it per turn.

Next time, i will talk a bit about my Ranged Fun list, which i would describe as an „Off Meta list“

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