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A Journey(mans) Travel diary

Or, how i got myself into an WTC Team.

The first steps on a long Road

Well Hello dear readers!

First of all, i will keep with english for this series, given i volunteered for an spot with the UN Team of Mercs for the Warmachine WTC,
and i think it is just common courtesy to pick an language every possible reader is fluent in. It will be back to german soon enough, no worries!

So, how did i even get myself into this? Hu, guess running a company, and having a fammiliy is not enough on my to do list, but snarky comments aside, people which know me, know that i just love tournaments, and given, while i dabble in way to many systems for sure, Warmachine allways holds that special Spot in my hearth, ever since, ah well, lets go with the story right?

So, how did i even end up as warmachine player?

The year is 2000 something (early years definately, but i am old, so dont nail me down on the exact year) and i was shopping for some Warhammer 40k in Kiel, germany.

As i was about to pay, some woman walked up to the counter, put down her warmachine purchases, looked at me, looked at my GW plastic kits.
Back at me again, and gave me a simple „Pff plastic… REAL men play with metal!“ paid and left (her words, not mine!)
this kinda sparked my interest, i liked the attitude to be honest, of this specific person, and it more or less got me into the system.
(Alltought i somewhat dislike metall modells to this day, painting is just more work than with plastik i got the feeling, but that might be just a lack of Knowledge on my part!)

So, there was that.

Forward a lot of years, sadly Warmachine is not doing as well as it deserves, but i still like the System a lot, especially with the MK 4 changes,
and in our small Berlin Whatsapp Group, someone asked, if we have someone to volunteer for the Merc team for WTC,
given i need some Vacation anyway (first in what, 5 years?) i jumped at the chance, for my Faction, after talking with the Team, i went with Orgoth,
maybe i can put that Siege Tarask i accidentaly got to good use. (How do you even? Funny Story, i went for my favorite Store in Berlin, Battlefield Berlin, if you ever happen to be in Berlin, pay visit! Really great store, great team! And you can allways get spot on Tipps and suggestions for your Hobby needs! Anyway, so i went there, when one of the owners was like „Uhm, we got your order here btw.!
I was like „I did not, and i am sure of it, order an Siege tarask. But well, i take it anyway, lets just pretend it was my order ok?)

Thats how i got an Tarask, and man! That Modell is so awesome! So, everything is basicaly set in Motion since this Stormy, mystical day back in Kiel! Its basicaly Fated from the beginning! (Ok ok i am getting overly dramatic here, it most cerntainly was a very unremarkable summer day, but lets roll with it, shall we?)

Now, i am basicaly sitting at modells to paint, waiting for my last orders of another core Box and another army expansion box, to round everything out, with Bootcamp for the WTC coming up one week before the WTC!

Man, this will be so good! And i finaly have another reason to bother people with „Play warmachine!“

Now onto Painting, and getting a new carry case done for Orgoth! Beside, i need some better markers! And maybe fitting dice?
Am i worried? Hey, i did 2K points of Admech from sprue to Tournament ready in under 12 Days, no i am not worried !

Next time, a few more details, and maybe some training montage with exe of the tiger playing in the background! (no, definately not, but the idea sounds fun!)

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